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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bay bridge. >> especially on a friday it looks beautiful! >> gorgeous. anything looks gorgeous on a friday. >> sure does. good morning, it's may 1. happy may day. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. michael downstairs, thanks for the doughnuts. it is 4:30. we are out of the gate. everyone is in blue but liz. >> i didn't know there were donuts! >> it's good. >> it's all good. you guys look beautiful today. frank, dashing and debonaire. >> well, thank you. >> and it looks perfect outside. good morning, everyone. clear skies and mild temperatures. look at san rafael 60 degrees. low 60s in oakland. it is currently 63 in san jose. as you look at those temperatures unseasonably warm today but cooler than yesterday. we have your weekend forecast but first, let's say good morning to liz. >> good morning, roberta. and out the door, so we have your usual overnight roadwork on the nimitz freeway. but slightly different location we have seen the past couple of days. this morning it's northbound between 29th and 23rd so it
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could cause a delay this half- hour as they do traffic breaks to clear it. we'll let you know if we see delays. so far it's okay. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. could be a busy day today because it's may day. protests are planned around the bay area today kicking off this morning in oakland at 5:30. picketers at broadway and telegraph will call for clorox to use union labor. at 7:30 another group will try to shut down bart at macarthur bart station and at 9 a.m. a march against police will go from the port of oakland to city hall similar rally at broadway and 14th at noon as well in oakland. at 7:00 at latham square a protest against the death of freddie gray who died in police custody. he suffered a traumatic injury to his spine and trauma to the back of his head while in police custody. that's according to the cbs station in baltimore. authorities there have now extended a nighttime curfew
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through the weekend. last night local leaders helped officers clear a crowd of mostly peaceful demonstrators off the streets. but expressions of anger persist. >> charge the police for killing freddie, maybe we can trust them. >> yesterday police gave the results of their investigation to the baltimore state's attorney. she will have to decide whether to file charges against any of the officers involved in gray's arrest. the other prisoner in the van with freddie gray says he never told anyone gray was trying to hurt himself. he says such a suggestion by police is wrong. >> they trying to make it say like i told them that you know what i mean that freddie gray did that to his self. why the [ censored ] he do that to his self? >> he said he did hear banking on the walls of the van thought it might have been gray hitting his head but says the banging only lasted for a few seconds. the number of confirmed dead from the nepal earthquake is now more than 6100.
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rescuers are still finding survivors among the rubble. two people were found alive yesterday in one neighborhood. a 15-year-old boy and a 25-year- old woman. >> i don't know where she have the power from to survive. she was able to speak and shout after more than 130 hours. >> meanwhile newly released video shows the moment the quake hit last weekend. panicked people ran into the streets of kathmandu and in the middle of a traffic circle. a monument collapsed right there in the middle. >> my gosh. still finding people so still some hope out there. >> mm-hm. >> one boy they found was wearing a yankees shirt. >> i saw that. >> isn't that crazy? >> that's wonderful. hey, i have a beautiful shot for you this morning. we are going to take you to the mount vaca area where we have 87% waxing gibbous moon on the way to becoming a full moon this weekend. isn't that pretty? >> mm-hm! >> we can see it at this hour because we have the offshore flow and clear conditions but in 24 hours from now, we are
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going to see the return of the onshore push with low clouds and patchy fog. until then, good morning, everyone, it is so mild out the door right now. we are in the 50s and even the 60s as you step on out. this is what we can anticipate on this first day of a brand- new month. temperatures this afternoon in the mid-60s at the beaches. mid-70s bayside and low 90s inland. in fact we're going to talk about all these temperatures and how we're still well above normal. that's coming up in less than 10 minutes but right now, hi, liz. >> good morning. overall a quiet start what we like to see on a friday kind of ease into the morning commute. if you are heading across the san mateo bridge there is a lot of that overnight roadwork just the usual stuff and eastbound doesn't wrap up until about 11. westbound should be out there a little while longer. traffic is light even with lanes blocked. no delay. we are going to closely watch 880 for the next 25 minutes. they have been sometimes clearing that overnight roadwork and doing some traffic breaks northbound. this morning it's between 29th and 23rd as you head past the
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oakland coliseum toward downtown oakland. so taillight right now are moving fine. but that could change and we'll let you know as soon as it does if it does. and the livermore valley commute lighter than normal looks great on 580. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. starting today the minimum wage is higher for workers in san francisco. it's now $12.25 an hour. it matches oakland which has the highest minimum wage in the nation. votes are planned in the next couple of months in emeryville and berkeley to raise minimum wage in those cities. the family of a discovery bay boy who was stabbed to death is speaking publicly for the first time. the father of 9-year-old jordan almgren read a statement and showed pictures of his son playing little league baseball. jordie was killed by a friend of his older brother. john almgren says his son's murder will not stop the family from continuing to help others. >> we will continue to offer our love and our home to our family and friends and our
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children's friends as we know that's what jordie would have wanted us to do. jordie was only 9 years old but he packed a lot of great experiences, happiness and friends into those 9 years. >> 18-year-old william schultz is accused of killing jordie almgren just hours earlier after being evaluated for mental health issues. san francisco artist want his painting back from people who may not recognize its value. on april 11, a couple in north beach apparently thought they found a giveaway a painting just leaning outside a garage on water street. but there it goes. but it wasn't another person's trash. and it wasn't supposed to be free. it's worth $5,500. and it belongs to artist nicholas coley who was offering it for sale. >> but i did shut the garage door so maybe they thought they were just sort of like thrown out. >> does it happen? yes. in san francisco, you put something outside, there's a very good chance somebody will take it. >> images of the couple were
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captured on five different security cameras but neither coley nor police believe a deliberate crime occurred. coley just wants the artwork returned with no questions asked. it's been a busy bay area trip for the prime minister of japan. as betty yu reports, shinzo abe's trip focused on silicon valley where he got quite a ride. reporter: this might be the fastest way to soak up silicon valley. take a ride with one biggest players in tech tesla's ceo elon musk. how fast did you go? >> no comment. [ laughter ] >> that fast. >> reporter: japan's prime minister shinzo abe wasn't just impressed with the luxury cars famous. he is inspired by silicon valley and wants to import its style and culture. what does it mean to you to have the first sitting japanese leader visit you, your company, what does it say about silicon valley? >> well, i -- i guess he -- he
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really cares about sort of innovation and entrepreneurship. [ non-english language ] >> silicon valley [ indiscernible ] become entirely different town compared to the silicon valley i have heard about so exciting and consistently evolving at top speeds. >> reporter: speaking at stanford earlier, abe said he wants to build business partnerships with the valley. he said japan needs to be just as creative and forward thinking. >> no apology, no peace. >> no apology, no peace! >> reporter: at almost every stop in silicon valley and san francisco, japan's history followed. mostly chinese and korean protestors called on him to own up to the truth. >> the japanese prime minister and the whole japan never really face the war past and sincerely apologize for the atrocities and the other war crimes. >> reporter: the prime minister didn't address any of the protestors or make any remarks related to world war ii. he did meet with governor brown here at the fairmont hotel to
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talk tech. he showed off some of japan's bullet train technology. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> the prime minister's wife is with him on the trip and she lit up the room during her visit to rosa parks elementary school in san francisco. she shook hands with the students, who gave her a very warm welcome, and serenaded her with a song. it is 4:39 on this friday. they have an epic view of the bay. but now students on the cal campus may be forced to give it up. we're going to tell you why. >> what is cool about your school? email your nominations to we may come and feature your school on the show.
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no for gas and oil. that's what tesla's ceo elon musk hopes to achieve with his latest project. >> it's actually within the power of humanity to do. we have done things like this
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before. and so it's not impossible. >> tesla is creating batteries to store solar electricity and power homes and businesses across the u.s. the battery called power wall will be $3,000 per battery way less than the $18,000 sticker price for a larger version of a tesla home battery that's already in some 300 california homes. tesla expects to start shipping power wall this summer. the golden state warriors have some new opposition. not just in the play-offs but also over the team's plans for a new arena in san francisco. people sounded off at a community meeting yesterday. a group says there are many problems with the proposed 18,000-seat facility. among the biggest issues a lack of parking and the effects on traffic. >> there's no way this warriors arena is going to happen in the
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next couple of years. absolutely no way. >> "salesforce" ceo marc benioff a supporter of the arena plan accused the group of misrepresenting the facts. plans for an 18-story apartment complex on harold way in berkeley is also drawing on sir, at issue the view from the campanelli way the berkeley main drag. opponents say the complex would block views of alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. >> it's an important way but i don't think it has to necessarily see the golden gate bridge. you need to have some affordable housing so it's a trade-off. >> this is something we save for future generations. and they can do their building on either side. >> more than 2400 people have responded to an online petition asking the city block the development. a sick sea lion was sick waddling on the streets of san francisco. take a look at the little guy.
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here he is in the marina. he was so weak he laid down on the curb and crews with the marine mammal center came to the rescue and it turns out they had seen this pup before. they say his name is rubbish. >> he was an animal that was found in santa barbara county in february. there isn't enough fish for the sea lions' mothers to take care of their pups so earlier in year we had hundreds and hundreds of little pups like rubbish in february, march and april come in so just because they are starving to death. >> the mammal center says it has rescued more animals in the last four months than all of 2014. >> they got to fatten that baby up, fish, more fish. >> this is the first day of may and this weekend is like everything just begins. all the outdoor festivities, right? we have so much going on this weekend including the kentucky derby! the warriors are back round 2. >> cinco de mayo. >> i'm participating in "tour de cure" on sunday raising
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money to raise awareness on diabetes. out the door, what you can expect today and this weekend, there you have it 87% waxing gibbous moon full this weekend. we have clear skies and currently 54 degrees in santa rosa to 63 degrees in san jose. the winds are under 5 miles per hour. the coast is clear but we will see the return of the stratus that we referred to as the marine layer. that will kick in tonight. and that will cool us down this weekend. we do have that onshore flow again this evening but right now we are still under the influence of high pressure. not as hot as yesterday inland. but today temperatures still approaching 91 degrees. that cooldown because of that area of low pressure that's going to sag to the south and enhance that marine layer. meanwhile mid-90s in throughout the interior section of the state of california. low 70s in monterey bay low 70s also in the high sierra. i am suffering big time today. these counts are actually coming down but i don't know maybe it's the grass in the air but boy if you suffer from
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allergies there is a lot of allergen in the atmosphere today as winds kick up to 15. winds from the southwest to the northwest late this afternoon. numbers we have 60s and low 70s along the beaches today. 80s across the peninsula. mid-80s in san jose. 90 in throughout the livermore area. 84 degrees in napa. these temperatures are still well above average for the first day of may. here's your weekend. we have the clouds lining the coastline. we have to fix that sunday. something happened there. i don't want to see that. supposed to be mid-60s. otherwise mid-70s. [ laughter ] >> as far as our monday and tuesday forecast are concerned. hey, michelle, talking about cinco de mayo. i know where i'm going to be tuesday, do you? >> yes. >> okay. but this weekend this is where we want to be for the festivities in san francisco. sunny skies, mild conditions and we have that number straight up at 64 degrees. liz? >> where are you going to be? i want to be where you are? >> on tuesday, mexico lindo in
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pleasanton. there's [ indiscernible ] play. >> heard it here first. >> thank you, roberta. out the door, it's friday. we are cross our fingers for "friday light" traffic at least in the early-morning hours. appears to be the case across the richmond/san rafael not too many commuters. 880 overnight they had an overnight roadwork still out there by the way 29th to 23rd. it isn't scheduled to wrap up until about 6:00 this morning. but sometimes they run some traffic breaks before it and it does cause a backup near oakland airport. not the case so far. live look through the livermore valley altamont pass not even seeing one yellow sensor even on 205 out of tracy it looks good so 63 miles per hour. that's the lighter commute than normal. even for this time of the morning that's still pretty quiet. out to the bay bridge, westbound traffic into san francisco is moving fine. eastbound you may hit some of that overnight roadwork still approaching the center anchorage scheduled until 6:00. and for right now all bart trains are on time. there's a number of may day protests happening later on in the commute.
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it could delay bart especially around the macarthur station. there are protests planned for about 7:30 this morning. ac transit may have to reroute as well around that macarthur bart. for right now everything on mass transit no delay. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. ford is making moves here in the bay area. yesterday the car company unveiled a new gt. there it is. it has 600-horsepower but it doesn't have cup holders. because it goes too fast! [ laughter ] >> high performance car is in the bay to draw attention to new technology centered in palo alto. developers are working on a car that can talk to your home thermostat hoping to pave the way for self-driving cars. local football fans are hopeful the new draft picks will help return the 49ers and raiders to the nfl play-offs. oakland's top pick is alabama's amari cooper. the fourth pick overall yesterday. it's an effort to upgrade the roster of receivers for quarterback derek carr.
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last season with alabama, cooper caught 124 passes for more than 1700 yards and 16 touchdowns. as for the 49ers, their top pick is 6'" eric armistead of armistead. many of the mock drafts anticipated picking him. david letterman is bringing on the big guests in the final weeks of his run on late night tv. last night the first lady michelle obama appeared on letterman's late night show. they spoke about the first daughters growing up in the white house. >> i mean, if there's a party and we know what time it's going to be over, you know, we make sure she's back right after the party. >> now, you say party. and all i'm thinking about is, well, probably going to be boys at the party. >> there are always boys at the parties. [ laughter ] >> how's that working? >> that's okay. you know? um, barack is handling that
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okay. >> he handles that? >> yeah. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> a 90-minute prime time special dave letterman a life on television can be seen this monday night 9:30 right here on kpix 5. a woman who lost her case on judge judy has new trouble with the law. melissa perez was arrested at kennedy airport early yesterday for stealing during a flight from l.a. to new york. perez had been in los angeles to appear on a future episode of judge judy and whatever that dissuit was about, judge judy was not buying her story and ruled against her. hours later perez stole an ipad from a crew member and took a passport and bank card from a fellow passenger. when the pilot ordered a search for the items, she allegedly hid the passport and bank cards in her underwear. perez is charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. >> going to the big court now. it is 4:50.
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an actress and her former fiance are fighting in public over frozen embryos. embryos. >> reporter: stow fee yeah embryos. >> reporter: sophia vergara was talking about her film. she didn't discuss the "new york times" op ed by her ex nick loeb who says our frozen embryos have a right to live. they broke up. according to court documents, he filed, the embryos were created two years ago. in his lawsuit he says a surrogate had been hired and embryos had been implanted but it didn't result in a viable pregnancy. now he says in the times he wants to bring the two remaining embryos to term without her consent. despite the fact they both signed a document stating they have to agree for that to happen. >> that was suzanne marquez reporting.
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nick loeb says they split because he wants to become a father while she is obsessed with her career. time now is 4:51. a new weapon in the fight against police brutality. the game changing app making
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rees in san francisco. sunshine at the beaches in the mid-60s. to the east that's where we'll find the warmest temperatures topping off in the low 90s in danville and in blackhawk. meanwhile north bay numbers
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sunshine in stinson beach in the mid-60s. climbing mid-80s in san rafael and in kentfield. meanwhile, 84 degrees in windsor but cooler this weekend. the details still straight ahead. taking a look at current conditions right now across the bay bridge, the toll plaza looks great into san francisco. but if you are traveling into the city at this time tomorrow, be aware that that fremont street off-ramp closure begins at midnight tonight and lasts until 6 a.m. on saturday. so we'll give you some good alternates "kcbs traffic,"it's all coming up. a new tool exists to document allegations of police brutality. it's called the mobile justice app. you hit record and with the tap of a finger your video is no longer just yours. the app saves a copy of the video and sends it to the nearest aclu office. the human rights advocate in oakland helped develop it along with the aclu of southern california. >> that really helps to raise the visibility of these police encounters and reduces the blue
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wall of silence that we see too many officers hide behind. >> the app also lays out your legal rights when you are recording and alerts other users that you are having an encounter with the police officer. 4:56. help may be on the way for students hit by the shutdown of corinthian colleges. the chain of for profit schools that closed on sunday affecting about 16,000 students many from low-income families, now a bill in the state assembly would waive fees at community college former corinthian students. it would also provide legal assistance as they try to get loans forgiven and it would expand tuition recovery program. mixed earnings results from three of the bay area's biggest companies. here's what happened. drugmaker gilead saw its income nearly double. visa says its income fell by 3% to start the year but that was still enough to beat what analysts expected. and linkedin stock is down 20% in after-hours trading.
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a disappointing forecast for the spring sent its stock plummeting. even though yahoo did not perform as expected, ceo marissa mayer still raked in some $42 million last year. mayer was docked $900,000 from her bonus and 12.4 million from her stock rewards. she did okay though. the company's board sets performance goals each year for its executives. it is 4:57 right now. tesla launches batteries to power homes. how the new technology may be a game changer to the solar industry. >> reporter: a day of protests planned today in several bay area cities and some of those protests mi
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good morning, everyone. it's friday, may 1. i'm michelle griego.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy friday. it is nearly 5:00. may day protests and demonstrations are planned around the bay area this morning. anne makovec is live in oakland where demonstrators will be out bright and early-morning. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. they're planning on gathering here at broadway and telegraph in oakland at 5:30 this morning. first on the docket they are marching to the clorox company to protest issues of labor rights and animal rights. this is sort of a big mix-up of rallying cries from immigrant rights to labor rights to police brutality. that is going to be a theme for protests here in oakland and throughout the bay today. here's a look at some of the things planned this morning here in oakland. from here downtown oakland they are moving to the macarthur bart station at 7:30 hoping to slow down the morning commute and block any tech shuttle buses they see to protest gentrification and at 9:00 we can expect protestors at the port of oakland


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